About Us

About Us


We, as Daily Lets Group, are a Vacation Rental agency based in Turkey since 2006.

Over the years the holiday concept has been vary and holiday makers has always been looking for different holiday concepts. Holiday villas rentals in All around the World is a great solution to those who has been bored of crowded a classic Holiday habit. At this point Daily Lets offers holiday villas, chateau, cottages and holiday apartments in all around the world to the families, friends and large groups for a relaxing & peaceful holiday organization services.

Beside from Vacation Rental we also provide services in different categories such as Luxury Small & Boutique Hotels, Yacht Rental, Motor Yacht Rental, Car Rental, Airport Transfers and Private Flight Rentals, Special Services as Butlers, Maids, Chauffeurs, Chefs,… for our guests from all over the world to spend their holiday with luxury, fun and tranquility in beautiful Greek Islands, elegant North Cyprus, traditional Aegean and Mediterranean Costs of Turkey, tropical Thailand and breathtaking exotic Bali and more! 

You can find your luxury dream vacation rentals in our globalizing portfolio, which focused on luxury, privacy, quality and exclusivity. Each property in our portfolio has a different story, from design and location to environment and atmosphere and our team is ready to help!

Daily Lets provides quality and dedicated service to our clients individually with the professional and qualified personal. Whether you want to celebrate a birthday, plan a wedding, or just simply relax, our team can do it all to give you the V.I.P. treatment as you deserve!

Daily Lets is a part of Important Group Travel and is fully Government Bonded Agency and A Class member of Association of Turkish Travel Agencies.
About Us